How much will it cost?


Fees for counselling and therapy do vary. If you are on a low income, it is often possible to find free or low cost therapy. Your doctor will be able to advise you on this, and can sometimes arrange for you to see a counsellor on the NHS. 


Alternatively, there are several organisations that provide low cost counselling. There are often specific organisations that will be able to help, for example, Cruse offers free support and counselling to the bereaved. 


Counsellors who work privately charge in the region of £35 - £50 for each session of individual therapy. Psychotherapists charge higher fees because of the extensive training they have received. Some therapists will see you for a lower fee if you are on a low income, if they have spaces available. If you are genuinely on a low income, and can attend during the day, when there are more times available, many therapists will agree to see you for a lower fee, whenever they can.


Unfortunately, the public perception of private therapists is that they charge very high fees, but bear in mind that a fully qualified therapist will have trained for several years, having to pay fees throughout for training and personal therapy. When working professionally, a therapist has to pay for clinical supervision, membership fees and professional indemnity insurance. A good therapist will constantly be aware of the need to update skills with continuing professional development and further training. This should ensure that the therapist works safely and ethically.

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