How many sessions would I need?


There is no “average” time for therapy to last, as everyone is different. While sometimes a single session can give sufficient help, often clients feel they need to meet the counsellor for several sessions in order to begin to work at the problem. 


As a guideline, an “exploratory period” of 6 - 8 sessions can allow the client to explore how they feel about counselling or therapy, and is sufficient for some problems. More complex issues would need a longer period of time. Sometimes it isn’t possible to know how many sessions you need until you try.


The first appointment is an opportunity for both the client and the therapist to see if they feel they could work together. If they decide that they would like to continue, they can discuss suitable times for meetings. The therapy usually takes place on the same day and at the same time each week. Sometimes more than one session a week can be helpful. Each session usually lasts for fifty minutes or one hour.