I work from a ground floor room in a quiet residential area
Counselling and Psychotherapy


I use a combination of cognitive, humanistic and psychodynamic theories and tailor my approach to the needs of each individual. I sometimes work using creative therapies such as Writing, Music and Art.  I am qualified to work with you on any issue for short term or long-term work.


If you are interested in counselling or psychotherapy, the first step would be to arrange a time for an appointment. There is an assessment charge for this first appointment, but there is no obligation to attend any further sessions unless you decide that you want to do this. 


Daytime and evening appointments can be arranged; however an effective therapy practice is often very busy so there may not be immediate availability.



I am primarily a counsellor and psychotherapist but often use hypnotherapy as an additional resource. I trained as a hypnotherapist in 1996 and I am registered with The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council. Depending on the presenting problem, sometimes a combination of counselling and hypnotherapy can be particularly effective. For example, I will often suggest hypnotherapy as a way of achieving a deeper state of relaxation. Through learning to relax, you might find that it is easier to access your deepest thoughts and feelings, which will facilitate the therapy. I also often use hypnotherapy together with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and this makes a powerful combination in working with confidence building and strengthening self esteem.


I enjoy teaching self-hypnosis and this can usually be achieved in one extended session. Practising self-hypnosis enables you to use this amazing resource for yourself whenever you want to. You can still enjoy sessions with a clinical hypnotherapist, but in addition to this you can work on helping yourself. Learning deep relaxation is very beneficial, both for psychological and physiological reasons. You can also use self-hypnosis very effectively to enhance existing skills and to build self-motivation, confidence and positive thinking.


As with all therapy, hypnotherapy works best if you are ready to work on the problem. It is also essential to be open to the process and to continue to practice as recommended by the therapist. If you are able to do this, you can achieve lasting changes.


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” 

 Marianne Williamson

Clinical Supervision 


I offer individual or group supervision to counsellors and psychotherapists. I aim to work creatively, using my experience as an integrative psychotherapist, and my training at the Society of Analytical Psychology, to inform my work. 


The BACP code of Ethics and Practice requires that counsellors remain in supervision for the duration of their professional lives. Supervision provides challenge, information and support for the therapist.


“Every therapist ought to have a control by some third person, so that they remain open to another point of view.”

C. G. Jung


If you are a counsellor or psychotherapist interested in finding a supervisor, I am happy to talk about the way I work, and welcome new enquiries.